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1072019,女性護理人員痛經因子與芳香精油減緩經痛之現況調查,領導護理,20,1,pp28-46第一作者Yeh, Yueh-Chiao
1062017,Supercritical carbon dioxide fractionation improves the antioxidative activity, anti-inflammatory activity, and therapeutic index of Panax ginseng,Research and Reports in Chemistry,第二作者chen,chiu-Yuan
1062016,Safety Assessment of Whole and Hulled Djulis (Chenopodium formosanum Koidz),Taiwanese Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Food Science,54,6,第四作者chen,chiu-Yuan
1052017,Complementary Therapies in Medicine,第一作者chen,chiu-Yuan
1052016,Monitoring of ovarian cancer cell invasion in real time with frequency-dependent impedance measurement.,Am J Physiol Cell Physiol.,311,6,pp1040-1047第二作者jun-chih lo
1052016,International Journal of Molecular Sciences,17,10,第二作者chen,chiu-Yuan
1042015,Effects of a mindfulness meditation course on learning and cognitive performance among university students in Taiwan,Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine,254358,第一作者chen,chiu-Yuan
1042015,電信業電話客戶服務人員使用按摩與輔助療法紓緩工作疲勞之情形與相關因子,實證自然醫學,1,2,pp17-26第二作者Yeh, Yueh-Chiao
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